Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Lampwork Glass - More Dots! Bead Class (06Feb2019) - Part 1

After almost a year out of the studio, this was Sergei's Christmas present from me.  This is also my first foray back into glass works post-baby and without carpal tunnel. (for the record, doing this without wrist braces is waaaaaay easier)

This class titled "More Dots" was the advanced bead class offered at Fiamma Glass Studio.

Above is the finished beads.  Sergei's are the large beads in the front, mine are the smaller ones in the back.  I joke that he made "him-sized" beads and I made "me-sized" beads.  You can see the scale difference in the picture below while they are in my hand.

Feilinn's beads (tiny)
Sergei's beads (not tiny)

Topics covered in this class were:

- Dot placement and scaling
- Stacked dots
- Raised dots vs Smooth dots
- Pierced dots / "Bubbles"
- Masking

I'll go over the various techniques with accompanying picture examples in my next post.

Court Barony - BRose

Collaborated with one of my favorite researchers on this.

Recipient: Bronwen Rose of Greyling, Called BRose
Award: Court Barony
Words: Gunðormr Dengir
Materials: gouache pergamenata
Source: Códice de Metz ( call #Mss/3307), image 59

First time picking up illumination and calligraphy since early November of last year (~4 months).  The hand is a carolingian minuscule.

This is a court barony given to a landed baroness who was stepping down.  If it wasn't obvious that the Barony in question was Dragonship Haven, well then I don't know what to tell you. ;)  Finished piece I believe was 7"x 9"

Greens are the wooooooooorst!

Finished piece.