Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tyger's Cub - Cody

This was the first scroll that I attempted to write my own words from a period source (I blame Alys for inspiring me to attempt it).

The scroll got away from me a bit as I had a sudden attack of life right before the deadline which involved multiple trips to the vet with Daenerys.

I am not unhappy with the scroll, but I have a lot of thoughts on how it could have been better.  It is what it is.   The best part about this assignment was actually seeing the recipient get the scroll (small adorable child awkwardly getting an award = adorable).  Lots of smiles were had and I felt a lot better about it.

Scroll Assignment: Tyger's Cub
Recipient: Cody of Endwearde
Hand: carolingian miniscule
Specs: Guache on bristol
Source: Text based on Frederick II Letter to Henry III of England (1229),
Artwork based on "Castle Ramparts with Knightly Pursuits" by Joseph Frenchman. Hebrew bible. Spain (1299-1300)

Things to work on - Outlining, Non-wiggly vertical lines.


  1. This is nifty! Well done! :) What, though, is a Tyger's Cub scroll/award?

    1. Per the EK wiki page:
      "Awarded to children under the age of eighteen who have displayed admirable virtue and decorum at events"