Friday, February 12, 2016

New scribe

So fun story on how I got to be a scribe for the SCA.  Depending on how you look at it it I was either gleefully encouraged or expertly hoodwinked into signing up with the Signet at Market Day at Birka in 2013 during the glorious reign of Edward II and Thyra I.

The first advise given to me:
- You can paint, you're halfway there!
- Let's go shopping for supplies, it's easy.
- Buy this book.
- This is Ygraine, She is awesome.
- Do a backlog first.

It turns out Ygraine is indeed awesome and I bought the Marc Drogon calligraphy book from her.  Constance later took me shopping for paint and helped me contact the Backlog deputy.  

The first scroll I did was an AoA for Avista Mustafa ibn ‘Abdul-‘Aziz. He is a gentleman with a Turkish/Mamluk persona. It was advised that I use Gothic Littera Bastarda for a hand because "it's easy, looks medieval, and is good with any style". Knowing what I know now, I have to politely disagree with all points other than the "looks medieval one." I love the illumination of the horse, but the capital pained me.

Scroll assignment: Award of Arms (backlog)
Recipient: Avista Mustafa ibn ‘Abdul-‘Aziz
Hand: Gothic Littera Bastarda
Specs: Guache on Bristol
Source: (forthcoming)

Note on this scroll - My cat Daenerys jumped on it with wet paws just as I was taking a picture of the finished project. I freaked out out and the calm and wonderful Thyra helped me fix it. You can follow along with the progress pictures below.

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