Friday, February 19, 2016

E&T Backdrop - Part 2

Hooray!  After a week or working a few hours a night, the top was complete!!!  The middle had a big yellow sun added and Anton mentioned that he was going on a business trip.

And then the second canvas drop cloth came out.

Turns out, we were doing the other half of the illumination.  The idea was to do the trees and grass and then Edward and Thyra sitting on their thrones would be the focal point of the "picture" we were creating.


Time to break out the big guns.  Clarice got a bunch of people to help paint trees on that Sunday (among them Darerca and her family).  By Monday and Tuesday, we enlisted Simona, Caitriona, and Mathias to pretend to be Bob Ross and paint some happy little trees (and some big swaths of grass).

Paints for this were samples from Lowe's (same as the calendar half).  We used a bit of poetic license to make the trees doable and give them some definition.  Still more to come....

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