Thursday, February 18, 2016

Award of Arms - Rozalin

This scroll was my first collaboration with Eva Woderose.

Scroll assignment:Award of Arms
Recipient: Rozalin of Ruantallan
Calligraphy: By Eva Woderose
Words: By Alys Mackyntoich
Specs: Guache on pergamenata
Source: German fencing manual -

This is also my first time painting on perg and going through the process of removing my hand oils from the material.  I did the illumination first then handed off the finished (with my half) product to Eva for the calligraphy portion.

The big tweek on this was I tried to make one of the fencers slightly more feminine since the recipient is female and to make it more personal.

I don't have a picture of Eva's lovely calligraphy for this one, but she posted it somewhere.  I'll update this post if I can track it down.

Big take away from this - mixing paint to the right consistency was still kind of an issue.  The perg was very forgiving and kinda fun. :)  This was also attempt #1 on math-ing out all the sizing from the original.  I need more practice with it.

Edit:  Found the completed scroll pic!  I LOVE the "E".

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