Monday, November 5, 2018

Silver Wheel - Alan

I took less progress pictures on this than I would have liked.  Shading was done with the gold watercolor because on closer inspection that's what it looked like was happening in the original.  I would have liked to done more color shading.  For future works form this source, I want to make a pallet of specific paint mixes to get closer to the original.

First full scroll done by me since having a baby.  I still feel a little rusty.

FYI for someone so quiet, Matthias is a godsend with wording assignments.  He provided multiple variations on wording to fit my requirements due to the small text space on this. 

Recipient: Alan of Wytleesie
Award - Silver Wheel
Words by: Matthias Grunewald
Source: Yates Thompson 29 f.120v (British Library)
Materials: gouache and schmincke gold on pergamenata, walnut ink for pen sprays and outlining

Finished piece

Side by side with source picture

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