Monday, April 2, 2018

Silver Wheel - Fabrisse

[Edit - there was a kerfuffle with delivery to the event and it was delivered only recently/last week]

This was scroll #2 due in a six week period.  Marieta happened to have a lovely blank set aside for "the next time a Silver Wheel gets assigned" and I asked to yoink it for this assignment.

I spent most of my prep time learning the hand that goes with this illumination which is proto-gothic.  My trusty "Calligrapher's Bible" happened to have a decent proto gothic miniscule ductus to base the text off of.  Based off the small snippet of source material I had, it looked to be a pretty close match.   I did find the lack of capital letters for any sort of proto-gothic in my books a little concerning and I'll try to remedy this in the future.

This scroll had a bit of a challenge as the perg was a bit warped due to how wet it got during the illumination process.  After this scroll, I also bought more artist tape so the next time I can properly tame unruly scrolls.

Recipient: Fabrisse of Owlsherst
Award: Order of the Silver Wheel
Illumination and gilding: Marieta Charay
Words: by me, but inspired by the great Alys Mackyntoich and her amazing blog series for more period sounding scrolls.
Hand: proto gothic miniscule

Not sure if you can see the warp, but I obviously needed more tape.

Finished scroll.  Cleaned up some calligraphy and added a face to the illumination.

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