Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Silver Crescent - Sara

Another Silver Crescent with a quick turnaround needed.  The recipient had an Italian persona so I checked my store of print outs for one of my favorite Italian sources. 

I spent a good chunk of time on this doing the calligraphy practice.  The finished scroll is about 8"x10" since I got a little wordy and wanted to make sure I have the right amount of spacing between the lines.

Recipient: Sara Sala di Peruta
Award: Order of the Silver Crescent
Source: British Library - Yates Thompson 29 f.3
Illumination: gouache on pergamenata, Schmincke gold watercolor
Calligraphy: humanist

Side by side comparison to the original.

Remember kids, practice sometimes means making a giant mess but it's still practice.

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