Thursday, July 13, 2017

Silver Wheel - Bianca

Sometimes you do stupid things for people you like.

Sometimes you do stupid things because you have a friend next you to also contemplating doing a stupid thing and you're in it together.

This scroll for Bianca was done as a "combat" scribal assignment at the event it was to be awarded at.  I found out this was going out last minute at the afternoon court and there was no scroll for it.  Another scroll was in the same boat as well.  Both Thyra and I had out travel scribal kits with us, but this time I happen to have blank scrolls with me as well.

The thing about Northern Region War Camp this year?  It was hot and soupy!  And we still managed to finish out scrolls.

Award: Silver Wheel
Recipient: Bianca Anguissola
Calligraphy: Done by me, Humanist bookhand
Illumination: Carmelina da Vicari
Words: Malcolm Bowman

I honestly would not have been able to do this like six months ago.  I used capital letters!  The spacing was nice!  *swoon*  Congrats, Bianca!  And thank you to the herald staff for letting me know about this one. :)

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