Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Scroll Wording - Mikjall's Apollo's Arrow

This was done for Yule last year (2016).  The assignment was given Baron Robert (currently Baron of Bergental) and he asked for some wording help from our local household Duchess.  Long story short, Yule creeps up on everyone and I find myself giving Viking poetry/wording a try for reals this time.

I went directly to the Viking Answer Lady for help ( to see if there was anything appropriate I could use or adapt for  an Apollo's Arrow.

I learned two things: kenning are amazing complex/deep and the kenning I found for arrows is bad ass! :)  I am no poet, but I tip my hat to all those SCA Skalds out there currently writing poetry.  I think my meter is a bit off, but it's something to work on.

The wording is adapted from the Karlevi stone in Oland, ca. 1000 C.E (see above link for the original).

Tree of Thrud of hostilities,
the man whom the greatest virtues accompanies
-- most men knew that --
Mikjáll bogmaðr called
a more upright chariot-Vidur
of wondrous-wide ground of Skadi
Brion and Anna ring givers
Bestow Sun's War-needles

Cheat sheet of kenning from the above:
  • Tree of Thrud of hostilities - tree of the valkyrie = warrior
  • a more upright chariot-Vidur of wondrous-wide ground of Endil = captain/king of a ship/king of sea vessel (changed from Endil  to Skadi in an effort to move the theme from the sea to the forest to change "captain" to be similar to "ranger")
  • ring givers = king/queen
  • war-needles = arrows,  Sun's War-Needles was used to give the "Apollo's Arrow" name more of a viking feel. 

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