Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pelican Regalia - Marguerite

This is a Pelican Veil for Countess Marguerite. 

It was decided to do something for her Indian persona (Megha) and allows her to have something light wight, wearable indoors, and can be taken to Pennsic.  The pelican design is from a period appropriate source found by one of the greater members of the Indian persona community  in the SCA and done as wood block prints. 

The blocks were carved by Sir Zhigmun Czypsser.  The veil was hemmed and stamped by various ladies of the Worshipful Company of Their Majesties' Underwear (many of whom are part of Marguerite's household and sister household).

Green silk with white acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium.

Center of the veil.

Thyra in progress of stamping!

Adding a pelican border to the hemmed sides.

Pelican placement was planned ahead of time

Once one side was done, the other side was done to mirror it.

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