Saturday, February 18, 2017

Burdened Tyger - Aethelhawk

Originally scheduled to go out at K&Q Equestrian Champs.  It did not go out at that time, hence the delay in posting this.

The recommendation was particularly inspiring and led to easily writing up the scroll text for this assignment.  Thanks, Lady Fortune!

The award was for a Burdened Tyger for their Majesties' Coronation which was a period Anglo-Saxon affair in terms of food (and holy cow was it delicious!!).  Gunðormr was gracious enough to find a very interesting source...but it was mostly pen and ink drawings.  Something I've never done on a scroll before.  I was gently encouraged by my friendly neighborhood Duchess to just do it since it was technically one step less than a regular illumination.  With arguments like that....

As I mentioned above all art was done using a crow quill which I've had varying success with in past projects.

First use - Too blobby and ink all over the place.  Gross.  Repaint the illumination so you can't tell and use a micron pen.  Scroll goes out and I'm mildly frustrated.

Second use - Blobby and still looks terrible.  Use a micron pen. Scroll goes out and I'm convinced crow quills are the devil.

Third use - Using it to put the "caps" on calligraphed letters.  Not terrible but I suffer from massive shakey-hand.  Final verdict is this is "okay".
Or sometimes I call them calligraphy hats. 

With that rousing bit of confidence....this is the original I chose to base this off of.  The goal was to keep the servant and cut down the high table to just the king and the queen.

Some pen work for a beard and a bit of detail work and the servant suddenly becomes a Aethelhawk.   I changed the facing for the man and added a bit of Kenric'ing to make it look right.  The Avelina figure needed some awesome hair (which I love on the figure and on the real person too).   Soooooo.....getting the draping right was the hardest part of this one.

Sketch work and hand smudges are all done

But once that was done, I was home free to do the calligraphy.  I added the Burdened Tyger  symbol underneath the vase to give it a little more sense of balance.

Recipient: Aethelhafoc Keyfinder (known to most as Aethelhawk)
Assignment: Burdened Tyger
Hand: carolingian miniscule
Specs: Pelikan ink on pergamenata
Finished scroll with a little bit of color.

The best part of this scroll for me was doing the wording. The award write up was immensely helpful in providing inspiration for this.

"Fortune favors fair Quintavia, made manifest by the miraculous feats of culinary skill by saintly Aethelhafoc Keyfinder who fed hundreds of pilgrims gathered at the coronation feast.  So, impressed by his work, King Kenric and Queen Avelina return to the Shire, and induct Athelhafoc into the Order of the Burdened Tyger."

Silver Wheel - Sile

Scroll assignment:Order of the Silver Wheel
Recipient: Sile inghean Mhic Charthaigh
Calligraphy by Thyra Eiriksdottir
Specs: Gouache on pergamenata

I used the Schmincke silver for the capital and wheel for this and it came out quite nice. Below is a side by side comparison with the original along with some progress pictures.

Pelican Regalia - Marguerite

This is a Pelican Veil for Countess Marguerite. 

It was decided to do something for her Indian persona (Megha) and allows her to have something light wight, wearable indoors, and can be taken to Pennsic.  The pelican design is from a period appropriate source found by one of the greater members of the Indian persona community  in the SCA and done as wood block prints. 

The blocks were carved by Sir Zhigmun Czypsser.  The veil was hemmed and stamped by various ladies of the Worshipful Company of Their Majesties' Underwear (many of whom are part of Marguerite's household and sister household).

Green silk with white acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium.

Center of the veil.

Thyra in progress of stamping!

Adding a pelican border to the hemmed sides.

Pelican placement was planned ahead of time

Once one side was done, the other side was done to mirror it.

Silver Rapier - Aesa

This is my first foray into fake calligraphic hands.  The recipient was noted as having a Middle Eastern persona.

Recipient: Aesa Ormstunga
Assignment: Silver Rapier
Hand: pseudo-Arabic ( and THL Helena Sibylla
s Faux Hands for Calligraphy hand out)
Specs: gouache on pergamenata
Source: (forthcoming)