Friday, August 26, 2016

Scriptorium Backlog Project

The idea for a full on Scriptorium is entirely Thyra's idea.  The goal was to get a bunch of scribes together and work on certain techniques all at once for the same or similar projects.  Getting a small test group together was pretty easy and my Laurel came to the rescue with ideas and guidance.  And with that Thyra, Marieta, and myself dove into the madness!

Eva contacted our incredibly patient and benevolent Scibal Backlog Deputy for three AoAs (people from different regions too) so we could have a real assignment with a real deadline.  When it's supposed to go to someone, rather than be an entirely practice piece, I think we as a whole all try to finish it and get it done too.

Eva chose a page from The Hours of Catherine of Cleves.  This isn't the page we worked on, but it's a neat overview of who Catherine was and links to some great miniatures in the book.

For this project we learned a new hand (gothic) which, let me tell you, was HARD.  Meeting once a month, it took a tremendous amount of time before any of us were ready to put ink to parchment.  At some point Eva said "enough practice, do calligraphy for real!" and well...we did calligraphy for real.

This was also my first goldwork project.  We used leaf gold which as a wise woman told me "Sticks to everything!  To you, to the paper, to the cat, everything!"  This was the part of the project I enjoyed the most.  Not because I stuck gold leaf to a cat, but because holy crap it's awesome and makes scrolls pop!

Long story short, we started this project on Aug 25, 2015 (date of email from Backlog Deputy).  It took us just under a year to finish it.  We learned and did:

- proportioning of scroll layout area (which I suck at)
- new calligraphy hand (gothic)
- wordsmithing (I cheated since my assignment had words) and script area planning
- free hand drawing of acanthus leaves
- gilding
- capital letters (calligraphy and illuminated)
- white work and shading

Check this bad boy out!  AoA for Tristan Fischer of Olachlacha.  Words by Theodora Brynnissa, called Treannah (with some editing from me for style and to fit the space).  This is from AS 47 for the reign of Gregor and Kiena.

It's done!

Different angle so you can see the shiny!

And the obligatory group photo to prove that we are winners and can finish a backlog while still being active scribes and plan 3-4 vigils during that time period.

Huge thank you to Antonio Patrasso the incredibly patient Backlog Deputy and to my Laurel Eva Woderose the patient teacher.  Special thanks to Oberyn the Cat for sitting in scribal boxes and almost getting gold leaf on himself.

We then had ice cream with sprinkles because sprinkles are for winners!

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