Sunday, January 7, 2018

Silver Mantle - Bia

This is my first Silver Mantle which was going to one person in a squad of combat archers up north.  The first thing that struck me on this was the recipient's name.  Woooo!  I get to do another Italian scroll!  I went looking for a new source and found one that was pretty neat and I happened to really like the color scheme on this one.  Since the source had a Hebrew script, I opted for my trusty Humanist hand for this scroll to match the time/place of the scroll.

Thyra and Marieta provided commentary on my wording flow as that was my main hang up.  .  Thankfully the write-up had some good talking points.  This is another 5x7 scroll so I tried to keep the wordiness to a minimum while being true to the deeds of the recipient.

This is my first time doing this much rubrications (aka pen doodles).  Thyra lent me some of her stash of walnut ink to get the right look of the brown designs.

Recipient: Bia di Firenze
Award: Silver Mantle
Source: British Library - Burney 70 f.1
Materials: gouache on pergamenata, silver gouache, Shminke gold watercolor, walnut ink (for the pen work)

Finished scroll, just needs the margin lines erased.

Comparison to the original.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Scriptorium work - AoA calligraphy swap with Marieta

This is a tidbit of calligraphy work I did for one of Marieta's scrolls for a Bengali merchant.  The time period and source worked out that it would need my faux-Arabic hand in action again.  My work was just the calligraphy and the word smithing on this.  Everything else was all Marieta.

Source for words: The Humayunama (

Hand: faux-Arabic

Silver Crescent - Sara

Another Silver Crescent with a quick turnaround needed.  The recipient had an Italian persona so I checked my store of print outs for one of my favorite Italian sources. 

I spent a good chunk of time on this doing the calligraphy practice.  The finished scroll is about 8"x10" since I got a little wordy and wanted to make sure I have the right amount of spacing between the lines.

Recipient: Sara Sala di Peruta
Award: Order of the Silver Crescent
Source: British Library - Yates Thompson 29 f.3
Illumination: gouache on pergamenata, Schmincke gold watercolor
Calligraphy: humanist

Side by side comparison to the original.

Remember kids, practice sometimes means making a giant mess but it's still practice.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Silver Crescent - Francesco

Another of my "wee scrolls" at 5'x7", this was a fun one if for no other reason that we had a ridiculous time working with Erhart von Stuttgart for wording. Finding words that "rhyme with speak" devolved into giggles during out weekly Scriptorium get together.  Because "on fleek" and "Mozambique" also rhyme with the target phrase. :)  He was a good sport who let us take his key words and run with it.

I'm particularly proud of the sketching on this.  I decided to include the peacock because of Her Majesty's heraldry.  I think he turned out pretty cute.

The hand I used for this was a humanist bookhand.  It's a little late for the source, but I didn't want to do a full on gothic script.  I had wanted to go a "proto-gothic" transitional but lost the source document for the script I liked.  My thought on this was humanist at least made it recognizable as an Italian source which was the key in picking this for the recipient's persona (even though the original is Italian with wording in Hebrew).

Recipient:  Barone Francesco Gaetano Gréco d’Edessa
Award: Order of the Silver Crescent
Source: British Library - Additional 11657 f. 27 and f.110v
Illumination: gouache on pergamenata, Schmincke gold watercolor
Calligraphy: Humanist. 

Side by side with the two originals.  The scroll became a blend of the two so I could include the peacock.

Finished scroll.  The outlining here is done and just needs signature lines.

Award of Arms - Dorian

This assignment was one of my self-assigned projects while everyone else was at Pennsic this year.

The story behind this assignment was that I was put into contact with a gentleman in New Jersey who was looking for a replacement scroll for his AoA that was lost during the Hurricane Sandy which affected much of the Jersey coast in October 2012.   He's been in the SCA a while and wanted to get a new scroll made at the urging of his children who are now getting interested in the SCA and wondered why he didn't have a scroll.  In comes Christiana and her ever vigilant facilitating of people who need old scrolls done to talk to the Backlog Deputy (me).

Coolest thing about this assignment?  Check out the royals.  Tsurunaga and Genevieve...1993

Recipient: Dorian de San Kalogero
Assignment: Award of Arms - backlog/replacement
Illumination: British Library - Harley 3957 f. 4v
Hand: Humanist bookhand

I ended up entering this piece into the A&S Defender's of Quintavia competition (theme was Quintavia colors which are white and green).  Think baronial champs, but for the Shire.  Also #3 scroll with gilding on my own.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Silver Brooch - Gregor

This assignment turned into a crazy two part project.  The time frame for this to be completed was while I was elbow deep in painting for Fortune's Silver Crescent scroll.

This would have been a simple update if not for the story attached to it.

Original Scroll:
Award: Order of the Silver Brooch
Recipient: Gregor von Medehem
Calligraphy by me - hand is gothic
Illumination: Mergriet van Wijenhorst
Illumination add-ons (badge and illuminated capital) -by me
Words: Alys Mackyntoich

My gothic looks nice, actually.  May it live on in blessed memory.

This scroll was another piece of scroll karma where I picked art that connected with the recipient so much more so than I ever thought.  When I got the assignment, the recommendation didn't say a whole lot about the recipient and the recommender was different than the listed contact.  Being on a tight timeline, I used my time to practice the hand and do some additions to the art I had set aside for this.

Panteria comes and goes....this scroll was given out on Sunday and I had left Saturday night.  Per usual, I can't sleep in and go check the interwebs while drinking coffee.  So I get a message from Christiania (because she has a knack for knowing when I'm tuned in to respond to messages) with a tale of woe, tragedy, and every scribe's worst nightmare.  This incredibly nice gentle who received my scroll was cursed by a cruel twist of fate and what was described to me as a Rube-Goldburg-esque series of events that cause his guitar strap to break, the swing of the instrument to hit his beer, the beer to arc upward and over to the scroll, splash all over the calligraphy, and the guitar to be smashed upon the ground after in a final destruction and mayhem.

Somehow...someway...could I reproduce the scroll?


Well....huh....I'd like to say at this juncture I looked at my event schedule, the timeline for finishing Fortune's scroll, the likelyhood I've have another assignment shortly given the reign schedule, and said sure but it likely won't be until after GNEW.

A few days before GNEW I had just finished the chibi scroll for Fortune and had an idea. I took the deceased's scrolls sister that I had earmarked for another project and went to work on it it.  My deadline would be tight and there was a chance I wouldn't finish.  Still, I jumped for it and forged ahead.

I finished the additional artwork to Mergriet's illumination and specifically hand drew a new snail on this one.  The illuminated capital got away from me and decided to be large, awesome, and super fussy with some white work. I ended added the leaves to make the artwork of two people blend just a little bit more and make the piece look polished.

Snail rides again!

At this point, it's my bed time.  I just finish the fussing with the illumination and I'm debating fighting with my gothic hand at 10pm.  Like an angel appearing in the night, Thyra casually made an offer to do the calligraphy for me so we could hand it off done in person rather than waiting until after Pennsic.  In return, I'd owe her some illumination for one of her upcoming projects.  This meant I could prep for the wedding I had to go to and pack for GNEW the next day.  Wooooo!

The scroll was completed and given to Aneleda and Christiana for hand off now with Thyra's lovely calligraphy and an unholy bargain of TBD illumination.  All in all, I'm happy with my art additions and the snail is adorable.

Oh, actually both scrolls were handed over so the tale of Martin Scroll-Killer (Gregor's guitar) could grow in infamy and legend.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Silver Wheel - Bianca

Sometimes you do stupid things for people you like.

Sometimes you do stupid things because you have a friend next you to also contemplating doing a stupid thing and you're in it together.

This scroll for Bianca was done as a "combat" scribal assignment at the event it was to be awarded at.  I found out this was going out last minute at the afternoon court and there was no scroll for it.  Another scroll was in the same boat as well.  Both Thyra and I had out travel scribal kits with us, but this time I happen to have blank scrolls with me as well.

The thing about Northern Region War Camp this year?  It was hot and soupy!  And we still managed to finish out scrolls.

Award: Silver Wheel
Recipient: Bianca Anguissola
Calligraphy: Done by me, Humanist bookhand
Illumination: Carmelina da Vicari
Words: Malcolm Bowman

I honestly would not have been able to do this like six months ago.  I used capital letters!  The spacing was nice!  *swoon*  Congrats, Bianca!  And thank you to the herald staff for letting me know about this one. :)